Big Pickup

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Big Pickup.jpg
Rarity Rare
Toughness Very Strong
Weight 2600
Total Capacity 320
Engine Capacity 90 (4L)
Exposed Engine Capacity 108 (5Lv12)
Max Armor 112
Max Armor Per Side 28
Seats 4
Weapon Mounts FRx2, LE, RI


The BPU is an excellent combat vehicle, capable of mounting weaponry equivalent to a Buzzer with the speed of an Apache. But the BPU's greatest strength is its turning radius - the BPU can spin like a top, making an excellent dogfighter as well. The BPU is also an excellent climber for a large vehicle. The downside is that armor is not as heavy nor as strong as an Apache, and the chassis does not handle recoil or weapon hits as well either. Another downside is the lack of rear-weapon mounts, which is partially offset by its dogfighting capability.

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