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Box Van.jpg
Rarity Very Common
Cost Moderately Expensive
Toughness Moderate
Weight 2500
Total Capacity 550
Engine Capacity 90 (4L)
Exposed Engine Capacity 108 (5L V8)
Max Armor 96
Max Armor Per Side 24
Seats 10
Weapon Mounts Frx2, Rex2, Lex2, Rix2
Based On Ford E-450


The box van is popular for courier missions because of its impressive capacity and relative toughness. With a 4L engine, its speed is impressive. However, care should be taken when maneuvering; this top-heavy beast tips over easily. Do not attempt curves at more than 60mph.

Box vans are operated using the Trucker skill.

This is a cargo vehicle. It has poor toughness and handles a straight fight badly. It can fulfill several specialist scouting support roles - Mortar carrier, Fuel carrier and Loot/Scrap recovery ( driven by your best mechanic).

In a cargo role the boxer should be equipped with the largest available engine you can find - 5 litre is good safe minimum and ideally with A class armour . If the pirate activity is very low you maybe able to get away with less. An escort vehicle to distract pursuers is also a good choice or a very good scout.

This chassis is a classic example of a 'Newbie-Mobile" - new players will buy/loot/acquire a chassis then cover it with 6 large guns - this makes the scout even harder and turns the vehicle into a bullet magnet.

The chassis can be a handful to drive and is prone to fishtail when you correct any steering error.

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