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Rarity Rare
Cost  ?
Toughness Super Strong
Weight 3000
Total Capacity 330
Engine Capacity 95 (5L)
Exposed Engine Capacity 114 (5L V12)
Max Armor 152
Max Armor Per Side 38
Seats 6
Weapon Mounts FRx2, REx2, LE, RI
Based On Humvee


A road going behemoth, the closest thing civilians could get to a tank before the holocaust, this monster strikes fear into the heart of all but the most hardened gang member.

With a 5L engine and some extreme dual HMG or RL this can match any squad on the road, even if it is alone against 10.

Mortars and Heavy Flaming Oil Jets will make this the best support car for Transporters.

The Buzzer is arguably the best combat vehicle in the game, mostly only seen in the wilderness south of the Gateway Truckstop. It can handle a Car Cannon and 2 Heavy Machine Guns/ Heavy Gatling Guns with plenty of room for ammo, and still offer room for 3-4 gangers.

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