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Chassis Mercenary
Engine 3.2L
Fuel Tank 4 Units
Tyres Offroad
Cargo Space 38 ? Units
Weight ?
Combat Rating 170 ?
Armor Grade B
Front 23
Rear 17
Left 21
Right 21
Top 5
Bottom 5
Front Medium Machine Gun
Front Rocket Launcher

Diplomat is a solid entry-level fighter, with adequate armor, good firepower and good maneuverability. Typical load-out includes a full reload for both weapons (MMG, RL) a driver and a gunner.

Generally, the medium machine-gun is used by the driver with the gunner working the rocket launcher. This allows for rocket reloads on the move, important because of the small magazine. If the machine gun is exhausted, after reloading the rocket launcher, the gunner and driver can switch weapons.

This vehicle, as with all sedans, requires the player to keep moving and fight targets one at a time.

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