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The Dark-Wind Economy

Everything in Darkwind has a price. That price is different in each town, and can fluctuate based on the volume of goods being bought and sold. Darkwind has a Dynamic Economy. As production and usage vary, as goods are moved about between cities, the prices will change.


Every town and camp has a market for buying and selling goods. The bulk goods available in each town market represent the bulk of the economy. Water, Food, Fuel, Car Parts, Electronic Parts, Plastics, Stone and Scrap can all be bought and sold in every town. Ammuntion can also be bought at the market, either from NPCs or from players if they are selling it there. There are also items that Players want to sell in the market. If you wish to try to sell something on the player market, go to the correct section of the market (Engines if you want to sell an engine), and at the bottom will be a list of every sale-able part in your town lockup. Pick a price, a Password (if needed), and hit sell. To remove something from the market, buy it back. If you don't have the funds to buy back something you put up (say, an expensive rare item), you can always re-price the item, down to $1. Put in a password so no-one accidentally gets it before you buy it back!

Jake's Car Sales and Other Autoparts Stores

In Somerset, Jakes's Car Sales and Repairs is the place to sell cars and weapons that you don't want to sell on the market. Every town has a place to sell all the chassis' and weapons brought back from scouts. It may not be full price, but it is quick and easy. Most scouting events will result in damaged loot chassis' brought back to town, which will just get sold at the Autoparts store instead of trying to sell it on the market. In most places you can also buy some cars and parts here. More dangerous towns generally have more chassis to choose from when buying a new car. If you want that new Windy II, you may have to go to the Gateway Truckstop. To get an Apache you might have to run out to the Badlands Truckstop. This is generally much cheaper than player prices on the Market, however you have to drive it back home to use it, and that might get dangerous...

Goods Creation

Several goods are produced in specific towns. Fuel in Texan, Car Parts in Sarsfield/Texan, Food in Somerset/Elmsfield, etc. Most of these goods can also be brought into the game economy through camp production (Water, Food, Fuel) or from scouting (Car Parts, Electronic Parts, plastics and Scrap). Traders deal in most/all of these as well, so hunting traders can bring these goods into the game as well.

Stone is also among the bulk goods, but is primarily for building camp structures.

Cars and Their Parts

Cars are brought into the economy from scouting, and (when sold) can change the economy for car and part prices. Prices of weapons, engines and tyres will change as more are sold at a town. Depending on the rarity and value of a specific car or part, players will sell them in the marketplace in each town.