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  • Able to sometimes wake up unconscious characters
    • is this passive/automatic or manual?
  • Able stop bleeding
    • is this passive/automatic or manual?
  • Having a good medic at hand slightly reduces stress in wilderness encounters

A character with a very bad injury may die after an event, even if they're still alive when they exit from it. However, if the character is not terminally injured, but is bleeding, they might be saved by first aid.

In town-based events, it is always assumed that a medic with a first aid skill of 125 is available. This is the figure that has been applied behind-the-scenes, to date.

In wilderness events, if a car escapes on its own, then the best first aid skill available in that car is used. If the car is still on the game map when the event ends (winner or loser), then the best first aid skill in the character's squad is used[1].


First aid currently has only two specialisms.

Field First Aid

According to the description this simply seems to boost the immediate bleeding-stopping power of your medic.

Combat Psychologist

(First Aid and Leadership both offer this) - reduces the stress of all occupants in the vehicle.