Gatling Gun

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Uses Gunnery skill.

The Gatling Gun (or GG) is a compact weapon system that fits all sizes of vehicles.

The GG only occupies 20 bulk, which makes it one of the smallest weapons in the game. It works very well as a main weapon system on a smaller car (subcompact, muscle car, sedan) and performs just as well as a secondary weapon to complement heavier weapons on chassis that have higher bulk capacities.

The Gatling Gun doesn't cause much damage with every shot it fires, but its most notable advantage is that it fires TWICE on each turn. The combined damage of both shots -if they score a hit- will weaken enemy armor at an acceptable rate. Although the magazine holds 40 shots, the GG can only fire for 20 rounds before a reload is needed.

The GG is often compared to the Machine Gun, but both weapons are suited to different combat roles. The Gatling Gun is a superior choice when you require close-range power. Since it shoots more often than the Machine Gun, it may have a higher impact on enemy morale.

Bulk: 20 Ammo: 40 Weight: 154