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In an event, when you click your car to control it, you'll see a gray 'ghost' in front of your car. This is a depiction of your car and its possible placement on the road after you end your turn. Turning the wheel will move the 'ghost' appropriately showing what possible effect that turn will give you on the next turn.

It should be pointed out that the 'ghost' is not 100% accurate! Especially with low skill drivers at the wheel.

The higher your driver skill the more accurate the 'ghost' will be. The 'ghost' will NEVER be 100% accurate, so care and a bit of practice will allow you to predict where your car will be at the end of your turn.

Ghost Inaccuracy

The ghost car only shows a probable location of your vehicle during the next turn. A random roll is made every turn, and the result is used to modify the physics variables for the ghost (not the actual car) by a little bit. The weaker the driver, the more likely it is that he is going to mess up[1].