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Gladiator Combat takes place in The Pit, the multi-purpose arena in Firelight.

The various Slaver and Mutant gangs of Evan will often sell captured characters to the arena for use as gladiators to fight an array of wild creatures from the area around Firelight.

Gladiator combats appear in the //Events Diary// and are registered for the same way other town events are.

Gladiator Events

  1. Weapons are not activated for 5 turns at the start.
  2. The characters get radiation sickness/poisoning, since they're stored in a mutant-rat-infested sewer between combats.
    • This doesn't apply to freemen who are entered in the arena combats, only the slaves
  3. You can shoot characters from other gangs, i.e. it's a "no teams" combat.

The Gladiator combats are scheduled randomly throughout the week, similar to other town events. You can also go to the Firelight Tavern and request a gladiator event. It's up to you how quickly you get them out:

  1. You could leave your captured characters in Firelight for a very long time, rotting in the sewers, if you didn't want to enter them in any events
  2. Or you can start a new gladiator event, one right after the next, until your characters die or win their freedom.

Getting your characters back out of Firelight can be as challenging as winning their freedom!

Winning Your Freedom

In order to win their freedom, gladiators must gain Arena Fame by participating in the Gladiator Events. It is not enough to simply be present in the arena, the characters must 'win the crowd'.

Arena Fame is gained by damaging the enemy. The more damage a character does, the more fame they gain, and the sooner they are granted their freedom.

It takes 500 Arena Fame to escape the arena.

It must be noted that as a no teams combat event, it is possible to shoot the other characters, and not just the arena-supplied creatures, however you don't receive any Arena Fame for doing so.