Heavy Flaming Oil Jet

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Turn the ground behind you into a pool of blazing oil. It won`t be easy for them to follow you if they start having their tires melted.

VERY useful in delivering tire damage for extended periods.. There is also a chance that the flaming pool will light up the unlucky car driving through it. When a car is burning, not only does the armor take damage, the occupants suffer great morale loss (making them less likely to hit you with their weapons) and possible bodily damage depending on how long the car stays on fire.

The difference between this weapon and the Flaming oil jet is the FOJ has smaller bulk, amount of time the hazard remains on the ground and the damage inflicted.

As with ANY flame producing weapon, the danger of your weapons taking damage and DETONATING is a real possibility! When a flame producing weapon detonates, the resulting explosion is powerful enough to kill your car, every one in it, AND seriously damage or kill any cars with occupants within 2 car lengths of your ill-fated vehicle.