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Rarity Very Rare
Cost Moderate
Toughness Strong
Weight 900
Total Capacity 125
Engine Capacity 70 (3.2L v8)
Exposed Engine Capacity 84 (4L)
Max Armor 80
Max Armor Per Side 20
Seats 2
Weapon Mounts FRx2, REx2, LE, RI
Based On Hotrod


A heavily tuned and customized chassis that is built to resembles the cars from the earlier days of the automobile industry. It has great acceleration and top speed and very good grip on the road. All this makes the Hotrod an extremely fast racing chassis even with the smaller engines and can easily take on most other cars on the straights.

But when it comes to cornering, the Hotrod falls short however. It`s not that responsive and making a corner requires careful planning and braking usually. This is especially true on tarmac where it`s easy to seriously wear out or destroy your tires on your Hotrod by tackling a corner wrong either by steering into it too much and/or too fast.

This makes the Hotrod a very difficult and risky to drive, but if pulled off properly it can be the star of almost any race event.



Death Racer

Rod of Wraith