Large Guns

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This skill is used when you operate large or heavy weaponry.

The higher your skill is, the more capable you are at targeting and hitting what you shoot at.

Weapons classified as 'large' are shown in the Large Guns table


The Large Guns skill has 5 specialisms, but only Heavy Weapons is unique to large guns. The others are common to all weapons skills and can also be obtained with gunnery or ballistics.

Machine Guns

Increased accuracy with Machine Guns, Heavy Machine Guns, Gatling Guns and Heavy Gatling Guns, and ability to unjam them

Heavy Weapons

Increased accuracy with Cannons, Tank Guns, Anti-Tank Guns, and ability to unjam them

Moving Targets

Skilled at hitting moving targets

Rapid Reloading

Normal reload times are 10 turns. This specialism decreases the reload time by 1-2 turns. If you choose this specialism, the higher your gunnery/large gunnery skill is, the faster you can reload weapons. If you get to level 2 skill (100) reload times should be cut by 2/3rds depending on your “luck” roll per turn.

Courage Under Fire

Better able to shoot accurately while taking damage