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The leagues and ladders of Darkwind are the ultimate way to compete and test your skills, afterall anyone can get lucky and win a single event, but only the most persistant and skilled players can prevail and rise to the top of the leagues!

League winners recieve a fair amount of cash, quite a bit of fame and of course bragging rights.

The current league title holders can display their league badge on their car in events. (this is done from under My Gang -> Edit Settings -> Decal to use on your cars in town events)

Somerset four-monthly Leagues

These are the main Somerset Race, Death Race and Combat leagues, league events spawn every 15 minutes (with 45 minutes between each event of the same type) the events can only take place on tracks in somerset and all use some stock cars. Your average score of all the events in this league is kept on 01:00 AM Sundays GMT. The leagues each lasts for three weeks or three darkwind months.

There are no qualifiers for these events and starting positions are randomized in races and death races as are teams in arena combats. Bonus points (+1) are offered for every veteran subscriber that joins the event.



The Evan Race, Death Race and Combat Ladders run for 12 weeks. Events are 1v1 player custom events where the challenger can choose the track (or arena for combats) and stock cars to use. The challengee can then choose to either accept or deny the challenge. In each ladder match the winner takes a certain amount of points from the loser depending on the difference in their current ladder scores. If a high-ranked player defeats a lower ranked player then they would get less points than the lower ranked player would if they had how.


Misc Leagues

Northern Semi-Pro Combat League

50px The Northern Semi-Pro Combat League lasts for 6 weeks and starts at the beginning of a darkwind year at the same time as the League And Ladder events reset. Players can keep their highest score of all the combats they do. The Northern Semi-Pro Combat League scores are kept along with the regular leagues at 01:00 AM Sundays GMT. Events spawn every day except Sunday at 21:00 GMT and 01:00 GMT. Some weeks cars are provided by the race track, some weeks players need to bring their own, similarly to pro combats.

Northern Summer League

50px Starts 4 weeks after the main leages in April of the darkwind year.

There's 4 events per week and the average of those you enter is kept, each event has 2 qualifiers of which your best time is kept and by which starting positions are determined.

This league is a mix of racing and death racing. In some events players need to bring their own cars.


Events take place on friday-saturday, there's one early qualifier for each event on friday and a second one two hours before the race.

  • Friday 22:00
    • Qualifier #1 at Thursday 22:00
    • Qualifier #2 at Friday 20:00
  • Saturday 02:00
    • Qualifier #1 at Friday 20:00
    • Qualifier #2 at Saturday 00:00
  • Saturday 06:00
    • Qualifier #1 on Friday 06:00
    • Qualifier #2 on Saturday 04:00
  • Saturday 10:00
    • Qualifier #1 on Friday 10:00
    • Qualifier #2 on Saturday 08:00

(All times are GMT)

Two-monthly Leagues

In these leagues, you retain all points scored in any of the leagues events.

Somerset Winter Warmup

50px This League starts with the darkwind year and lasts for two weeks.

Somerset Spring Challenge


Elmsfield Summer Classic

50px The Elmsfield Summer Classic League starts 4 weeks after the main leagues on what is May in the darkwind year. It lasts for two rounds, each round has two races, the points for which are summed. Events only happen on tracks in elmsfield and are all race events. There's one early qualifier for each event a day before the race and a second one two hours before the race.


  • Thursday 02:00
    • Qualifier #1 on Wednsday 02:00
    • Qualifier #2 on Thursday 00:00
  • Saturday 02:00
    • Qualifier #1 on Friday 02:00
    • Qualifier #2 on Saturday 00:00

(All times are GMT)

Elmsfield Two Guineas


Gateway Autumn Extravaganza


Gateway Winter Meltdown

File:Gateautumn.png Very similar to the Elmsfield Summer Classic League only the events are death races and it takes place on tracks in gateway. The events also take place at different times.


  • Wednsday 21:00
    • Qualifier #1 on Tuesday 21:00
    • Qualifier #2 on Wednsday 19:00
  • Friday 21:00
    • Qualifier #1 Thursday 21:00
    • Qualifier #2 on Friday 19:00

(All times are GMT)