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Mines are one of the more insidious explosives used in Darkwind. The 10-round dropper can be carried on ANY car.

Care should be used when dropping the mines. They have a tendency to skip and slide along the ground, stopping eventually (depending on how fast the car is moving). Planning and a bit of luck will allow the 'cunning'/'sadistic' player to place a cluster of mines at the entrance to corners where they will be sure to cause tire and armor damage. Death Races in which mines are used are usually messy! You may have only a fraction of starters actually finish the race.

Mines are not very powerful, but in an effort to save weight, most racers will lightly armor the bottom of their cars. 4-5 points of armor is all usually. If you hit 3 or 4 mines, your tires will take substantial damage, slowing you down and making handling the car........well, a handful! If your bottom armor is blown away, any other consecutive mine blasts will be taken by your unlucky driver.

Spikes and mines will disappear after approximately 75/100 turns. It is entirely possible to run over your own mines or spikes when racing if you have to make another lap. So keep your eyes open!.... Spikes are shown by small white dots. Mines are small red dots and are VERY hard to see!

The damage from mines is cumulative (it stacks) so detonating multiple mines at once can be extremely damaging. This can be compounded by the fact that an exploding mine can cause other nearby mines to go off[1].


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