Medium Machine Gun

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Uses Gunnery skill.

This is the Big Brother of the Machine Gun. Slightly larger than the MG with more punch with every shot. While the Medium Machine Gun (or MMG) requires sustained, concentrated fire to contend with heavier armor, it will make short work of subcompacts, muscle cars and even sedans.

The Medium Machine Gun may not have the Heavy Machine Gun's stopping power but it is considerably lighter and doesn't add as much to your vehicle's combat rating. The MMG is also a great compromise for player's wishing to train and use the Gunnery skill instead of the Large Gun skill required to use a Heavy Machine Gun.

The 20 shot magazine and manageable recoil will allow you to pilot your vehicle without worrying about being buffeted or losing control. The MMG is also easy to buy on the NPC markets throughout Evan so it can be easily replaced and repaired.

Bulk: 30 Ammo: 20 Weight: 254