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Uses Gunnery skill.

The Machine Gun (or MG) may be the closest thing to the "average" weapon in Dark Wind.

Although the MG does not cause much damage with every shot, it causes enough to be a threat when hits are scored repeatedly on the same armor facing. The recoil suffered with every shot is quite low so you will not have to worry about losing control while firing. The magazine holds 20 shots so reloading is not an issue until later in an event. One of the Machine Gun's more subtle advantages is a relatively low Combat Rating value when compared to larger weapon systems. In a nutshell, that means you'll face less enemies than you would if you had fielded a more powerful weapon.

Since the Machine Gun doesn't take up much bulk (20) a few can be added on smaller chassis that could only hold one larger weapon in their stead. This is particularly useful when designing a subcompact or a muscle car.

The Machine Gun is the most common weapon on the NPC market in Evan. Although this may not be the first selection criteria to consider when choosing a weapon system, it means the MG is easy to find and repair - and cheap to buy. It is also one of the easiest weapons to salvage from enemy NPC designs when scouting in the wild.

The Machine Gun is often compared to the Gatling Gun because they have identical bulk values and have comparable weights. Both weapons are best suited to different roles in your army: the MG is a better choice if you prefer long range capability and better stopping power.

Bulk: 20 Ammo: 20 Weight: 152