Merc Runner

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Chassis Mercenary
Engine 3.2L
Fuel Tank 15 Units
Tyres Offroad or Reinforced
Cargo Space 102 Units
Weight 3486
Combat Rating 76
Armor Grade B
Front 12
Rear 23
Left 15
Right 15
Top 5
Bottom 8
No Weapons

This sedan is an EXCELLENT car for those starting to make mission runs between towns! With a 3.2L installed and a 15 unit fuel tank you have the capability to take up to 102 bulk missions and have the range to make it to the "Northern Triangle" towns of Somerset, Elmsfield and Gateway in Darkwind! Keep your armor minimal to save on the weight and you can outrun any enemy you encounter. Since the car is a bit slippery in the turns, anticipate the corners before you get to them and manage your speed accordingly.. SLOW down if you need to!...... Your 3L will accelerate nicely... If the enemy does not slow for the turns, they may make big mistakes trying to chase you.

Use 2 of these cars as separate squads and you can even take those 6 person taxi mission that can net you 40k or more on ONE mission!

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