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Engine enclosed/exposed: 100/120

Weapon Mounts: FRx2, REx2, LE, RI

Armor Points per side/total:20/80

Armor Toughness: Strong

Occupants: 4 Persons

Capacity: 175 bulk

Weight: 1450

A rare, well-built muscle car.

Being a performance model it offers a lot of engine space and is able to fit a 5L V8 unexposed.

As one of the roomiest muscle cars it can also pack quite an arsenal of weapons with a slightly smaller engine.

Run one of these with a 3.2L V8, a MMG/MG loadout, and a hot gunner and you`ve got a car that will put the hurtin` down on the bad guys.

The fact that this also leaves room for 2 MMG and 1 MG reloads is just icing on the cake. A CR/MG loadout is nothing to sneeze at either.

Like most muscle cars the Moray strikes a fine balance between offroad and road handling, both of which it does quite well.

The Moray, with a 3.2 V8 and light gear is plenty fast enough to win Pro events against much larger and beefier competitors. It is an ideal platform for tweaking maximum performance.