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Perhaps one of the most misunderstood[1] but useful[2] specialisms is Motivator. Even a single 'level' can have a significant impact on your characters' training.

Each level of Motivator adds a small amount (.05) to a character's training form. Training form is a multiplier between 0.4 and 2.0 and varies naturally by 0.3 up or down week to week (-.3 to +.3). A Level 1 motivator will have all members in a town vary their multipliers form -0.25 (.05 + -.3) to +0.35 (.05 + +.3) . A Level 5 motivator will have the training form vary from -0.05 (.25 + -.3) to +0.55 (.25 + +.3). A Level 6 motivator ensures training form can never decrease and will eventually be capped at 2.0.

Additionally, until training form caps at high or low, the Motivator's bonus is cumulative week after week. The first week a character spends with a motivator, they get 5% more training than they otherwise would. The second week they get 10% more, and so on. With sustained interaction with a motivator, they will, eventually in some cases, be receiving a 500% training bonus over what they would have without a motivator.

It's critical that you get gangers interacting with motivators early in their career. The bonus provided by winning a League is equivalent to a level 3 motivator.

A simple example

Character receives a steady -0.03 drop in training form per week. A Motivator level 1 in town turns this into a +0.02 (+.05 + -.03) gain. After 50 weeks, character without motivator is earning only 40% of their training bonus, but character with level 1 motivator is earning 200% of their training bonus. This is a five fold gain. Note: this is a statistical example. Because of variation, a character will not simply run up to maximum and stay there. The weekly modifier means most characters will at best bounce off of the top of their form and *mostly* stay high. They can still have rough spots and drop to virtually not training.

Over Motivated

The Motivator specialism of multiple characters does not stack, so if you have two (or more) characters with Motivator you'll be better off moving them to different towns to motivate the characters in those towns.


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