Offroad Buggy

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Offroad Buggy.jpg
Rarity Quite Common
Cost Moderate
Toughness Very Strong
Weight 550
Total Capacity 65
Engine Capacity 20 (1L)
Exposed Engine Capacity 24 (1.2L)
Max Armor 40
Max Armor Per Side 10
Seats 1
Weapon Mounts FR, LE, RI
Based On Baja Class 10 Tube-Frame Dune Buggy


The Buggy is the best vehicle for improving the scouting abilities of a character. It is very mobile off-road, capable of climbing steep slopes with ease. The Buggy has very light armor and room for little more than a Machine Gun; combat should be avoided at all costs. Top speed is around 60mph with a 1L motor. The engine is mounted in the Rear for this chassis.

Most don't consider this a good vehicle for traveling. Even with a 1.2L engine, it doesn't have a lot of speed.

Wilderness Designs

Death Race Designs


Arena Combatant