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Engine enclosed/exposed: 120/144

Weapon Mounts: FRx2, REx2, LE, RI

Armor Points per side/total: 23/92

Armor Toughness: Strong

Occupants: 4 persons

Capacity: 220 bulk

Weight: 1650

If designed correctly, the Osprey is the best muscle car in the game. This rare vehicle has an incredible amount of storage capacity. Don`t bother trying to load the Osprey up with the large high recoil weapons it has room for, however because the suspension just can`t handle the recoil. It can however handle a 5LV8 or 3.2V8 unexposed, and several good low recoil weapons producing a vehicle with great acceleration and firepower with excellent handling. Its only downfall is its low armor totals, only being able to max 23 per side. An Osprey with a 5LV8, car rifle and gatling gun is a great chaser or support combat vehicle. You wont find a better handling car in the wilderness.