PBR Streetgang

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Chassis Two-Axle Lorry
Engine 8L
Fuel Tank 2 / variable Units
Tyres Reinforced
Cargo Space 2026 Units
Weight 19933
Combat Rating 296
Armor Grade B
Front 45
Rear 50
Left 45
Right 45
Top 6
Bottom 9
Front Heavy Machine Gun
Front Reinforced Ram
Left Medium Machine Gun
Left Gatling Gun
Right Medium Machine Gun
Right Gatling Gun
Rear Heavy Machine Gun
Rear Heavy Gatling Gun

This Lorry mounts some of the most dangerous short, medium and long range weapons available. The addition of good gunner skills will make this design almost undefeatable.

It also has a Reinforced Ram in front just in case those fast movers get in your way!

If you load up all the gunners seats with good gunners and have a good scout as a driver, "most" of your encounters will be manageable and survivable.

Fully armed and armored with 2 reloads for every type of gun, you STILL have over 2000 bulk available to run the high bulk/high dollar missions!

DO NOT use escorts while running this design..... If you do, it will increase the CR of your scout/mission and every enemy gun will concentrate on your Lorry!

As a solo run, your 295 CR will keep the enemy down to 2/4 cars making the event manageable with all the guns you have to offer the enemy.

The weight info above is based on a 2 unit fuel tank which is more than enough for any scout. HOWEVER, if you take bulk fuel as cargo or increase the fuel capacity to make mission runs, the vehicle weight will increase substantially making this leviathan an EXTREME handful to control in a fight.

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