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Rarity Extremely Common
Cost Moderately Cheap
Toughness Very Strong
Weight 1600
Total Capacity 225
Engine Capacity 50 (2L)
Exposed Engine Capacity 60 (3.2L)
Max Armor 84
Max Armor Per Side 21
Seats 2
Weapon Mounts FRx2, LE, RI
Based On Ford Ranger 3rd Generation

Mazda B Series Mark 6


The PU is a multi-purpose workhorse - good at many things, excellent at nothing. As a weapons platform the amount of bulk allows for significant weaponry, but the (1) limited seating, (2) lack of rear mounts, (3) inability to handle recoil/weapon hits and (4) low engine capacity limit its usefulness. Of course the Mutant Marauder with 2 RLs is one of the most feared NPC designs in the game, and the twin RL build (with reloads) is probably the best choice for combat.

The PU really excels at the specialty role. The PU makes a great ballistic weapon platform, as well as an ammo carrier or fuel truck. Often it is possible to combine multiple purposes, like a ballistic platform that is also a fuel and ammo truck. The PU handles terrain quite well, even at speed.

The PU is also greatly assisted by a 2LR engine, which can fit without being exposed, and makes for a good medium-cargo-capacity mission runner with a 3.2 or 3LR exposed engine, especially with A-armor. The PU can usually escape even from faster enemies by using its superior off-road capability.

Wilderness Designs

Death Race Designs