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Engine v.126, Scripts v.280


We have psionics specialisms at last! –


  1. Mind Control - A number of useful effects can be achieved by this specialism which affects characters other than the Psi themselves:
    1. Psionic Mask - Convince enemy that your gang isn’t who they think it is in combat (so you don’t lose any faction rep. for injuring them)
    2. Terror – adds stress to nearby enemies (works better if you’re out of a car)
    3. Tranquility – reduces stress in nearby friends (again, a tin can around you reduces effectiveness)
  2. Telekinesis - The psionic ability to push and throw objects from a distance:
    1. Mutant Mind-Push – lets you apply a force to a vehicle, ped or creature (works better if they’re close),
    2. Whirlwind – blows up a brief cloud of dust which operates like a smokescreen; works better on dusty ground
  3. Pyrokinesis - The psionic ability to set cars, pedestrians and animals on fire. Nuff said. Note that peds and creatures can now also catch fire when hit by flaming weapons… this also paves the way for ped flame-throwers and molotovs ;-)
  4. Electromagnetic Pulse - Sends out an EMP which affects electronically-controlled weapons and V8/V12 engines within range, causing them to malfunction. Since it works by focusing solar radiation, it is stronger in the summer and especially when there is a strong green aurora.
  5. Defensive Energy - Psionically-constructed `hard air` barriers can protect the individual or their vehicle (operates as two separate skills, the vehicular one is harder to succeed with)

Any effects that can operate at a distance do so at reduced effect the further the target is from the Psi character. And, as indicated above, if the character is inside a car certain effects are weakened.

Oil Jets

These last about 1.5x longer than before Regular Oil Jet bulk reduced to 25 Heavy Oil Jet bulk reduced to 40


The mousewheel now pans the showmodels preview up/down, rather than zooming. You can still zoom by dragging the right mouse-button. New button in showmodels dialogbox that lets you add new skins on the fly (without restarting the client) so you can tweak and view without needing to restart the client.. you will have to temporarily give each edit a new name however, since I didn’t have time to figure out how to reload over an existing file.

Arena/Race Track Behaviour

If you continually attack (and especially kill) resigned characters on the race track/arena:

  1. The Deathrace Mafia as well as the local town start to hate you
  2. All NPCs in the event will start to target you, as a particularly notorious and hated opponent that they consider to be too risky to let live.
  3. The Deathrace Mafia may sometimes give you weakened vehicles when you enter events. This may include damaged chassis, reduced armour, damaged engine, damaged tyres, reduced ammo. They won’t permanently damage a car that you own, except maybe its tyres and ammo.
    1. Note that if your target is disliked in the local town, all the above is disregarded
  4. One of the new Psionics effects ("Psionic Mask") lets you conceal your identity, and this will help you get away with killing resigned NPCs, however in order to stop griefing it won't help you get away with killing resigned human players.

The DR Mafia will also sometimes give reloads to gangs that they really like (especially those with DR Mafia as their primary faction), or tune their engine a little for them.