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Rarity Extremely Common
Cost Very Cheap
Toughness Strong
Weight 765
Total Capacity 90
Engine Capacity 20 (1L)
Exposed Engine Capacity 34 (1.2L)
Max Armor 60
Max Armor Per Side 15
Seats 4
Weapon Mounts FRx2, REx2, LE, RI
Based On Fiat Panda (1st Generation)


An excellent subcompact car that drives well and doesn`t cost too much to buy or fix. With a 1L engine there`s room for a weapon or two.

However, the Racoon`s turning radius is surprisingly poor, so be careful when getting into close range dogfights with nimble vehicles - even with an exposed engine you`ll find yourself constantly out maneuvered and struggling to bring your weapons to bear. Consider a side mount.

Please note that incorrect spelling of the name of this car ("Racoon") in the game is a known issue. Sam has stated that he would fix it except it is littered throughout the game's code, meaning the game could become unstable until he tracks them all down and he's not willing to risk it at this time. It may or may not be fixed at some unforeseen point in the future. This is the same reason the name of the Two-Axle Lorry is not being changed at this time. This wiki uses the correct spelling ("Raccoon") throughout.

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