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Rarity Ultra Rare
Cost Very Expensive
Toughness Very Strong
Weight 1200
Total Capacity 170
Engine Capacity 95 (5L)
Exposed Engine Capacity 114 (5L V12)
Max Armor 100
Max Armor Per Side 25
Seats 4
Weapon Mounts FRx2, REx2, LE, RI
Based On Plymouth Superbird


Handles like a heavy Phoenix or Buccaneer, with the chassis strength of a Chomper. With the addition of a HUGE motor capacity, this car might fly if not for the down-force supplied by the extraordinarily large rear wing.

It is VERY rare to find one of these beautiful cars. You might not want to risk it ANYWHERE once you do find it! If you do, you'll be pleasantly surprised at it's armor capacity and bulk available.

You can try out this car by making a custom event and specifying either the "Speed Bird" with nitrous boost in non-combat races, or the "Flame Runner" with left and rear Flame Throwers in a death-race.

This beauty can put so many ponies under the hood, pegging the speedometer to the top number is EASY! Be careful while racing this car.

Death Race Designs