Rocket Launcher

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Weight 205
Bulk 40
Ammo 10
Damage High (4/7)
Close Accuracy Poor (2/8)
Ranged Accuracy Excellent (7/8)
Category Targeted
Skill Gunnery

The rocket launcher aims and fires a fin-stabilized rocket at any target within your firing arc. Although it is inaccurate at range, a direct hit from a rocket can rival the Anti-Tank Gun and Heavy Laser in component damage and armor penetration. Upon impact, the rocket warhead inflicts explosive damage to hard and soft targets in a 10 meter radius, making it possible to damage several vehicles at the same time if they are in close proximity to each other.

In summary, this weapon will take out any vehicle with a few well-placed shots. Compared to some of the other weapons, it is cheap to buy, and reloads do not cost an arm and a leg. Well, maybe the arm or leg of your target!

WARNING!: You may inflict explosive damage on your own vehicle if you fire at a target within 10 meters of you.