Spike Dropper

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This 10-round 'weapon' will drop a single spike capable of severely damaging any trailing cars' tires. Speed has an effect on damage inflicted. Any damage to your tires slows you down. In races where spikes are used, it is not unusual for the last cars to finish the races to be running on 4 rims, at 10 miles an hour chugging around the track. Like mines, the spike will skip and slide along the track after dropping, stopping eventually, depending on the speed of your car.

Like the mines, planning and a sadistic attitude (accompanied by the 'evil grin' I know we all have when using dropped weapons) will place spikes where they will be of the most use!

Spikes and mines will disappear after approximately 75/100 turns. It is entirely possible to run over your own mines or spikes when racing if you have to make another lap. So keep your eyes open!…. Spikes are shown by small white dots. Mines are small red dots and are VERY hard to see!