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Chassis Phoenix
Engine 4L
Fuel Tank 3 Units
Tyres Offroad
Cargo Space 12 Units
Weight 3860
Combat Rating 124
Armor Grade B
Front 21
Rear 17
Left 18
Right 18
Top 5
Bottom 5
Front Gatling Gun
Front Gatling Gun

Scimitar is a solid solo scout or an excellent picket vehicle, useful for out-maneuvering, confusing, and dividing the enemy. Handled well, this kind of vehicle can easily single-out, separate and then destroy one vehicle. With three extra Gatling magazines, two or even three such vehicles can be taken care of.

Generally, the driver must also have the Gunner skill, and inaccuracy may become a factor. If the Gatling Gun is exhausted, the gunner should take over and reload while the driver uses the time wisely to gain a better position.

As with all muscle cars, speed is life. Stay moving and do not let your engine take damage, running away is your only real defense.

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