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  • ...(strength, dexterity, speed) start to drop. Beyond about 40, their skills start to drop too. * goes up with heavy injury and radiation poisoning
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  • **Whirlwind – blows up a brief cloud of dust which operates like a smokescreen; works better on du Even though these skills may show up on your characters it's not possible to use them yet.
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  • ...h room to take much cargo loot home either, which means the scout will end up costing you money in ammo and repairs (if your car isn't a rental). Also no of the vehicle detail page, and the amount of space each magazine takes up is shown in the '''Bulk/Unit''' column of the ammunition table. Load as mu
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  • ...nt, and you have surviving characters, they will form a ''footsquad'', and start to walk back to town. ...t screen click-pull-down), and will remove the vehicle from the map at the start of the next turn. When all of your vehicles have escaped the event ends.
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  • against the AI, then once you are in the event you can press space to start immediately rather than waiting for the timer to count down. ...ose players who prefer to be able to play combats without needing to build up their own resources in a persistent game-world.
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  • At the start of the encounter both players have the option to ''Truce'', ''Fight'', or ' ...than likely [[looting|looted]] some good cars, although they will be shot up and will have little or no ammo left in their guns. You will only have to w
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  • * Weapons are not activated for around 15 turns at the start. This is mostly because of point (3) below.. *It's entirely up to you when you fight your arena combats.
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  • However, You can build a Pumpkin Field for Food production using up to 5 NPC workers to produce food at a 'good' rate. (Approximately 100 units ...R of cars can be housed there. If there are more cars than this, they will start to take damage due to being inadequately protected from the weather and ina
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  • ...curate . These are safe to fire at point blank range and you can afford to start firing earlier to get sustained fire bonus. In a team scout, the battle wil ...t to orbit with your left and right Machine Guns. Side weapons can inflict up to 3 rounds worth of fire before the enemy has you back in his front arc ag
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  • ...-> Events Diary''' and choosing an event from there, either way you'll end up at the event page where need to choose a driver and possibly a gunner to en ...e the actual event starts and if all the players are present the event may start early.
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  • ...nto a pool of blazing oil. It won`t be easy for them to follow you if they start having their tires melted. There is also a chance that the flaming pool will light up the unlucky car driving through it.
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  • ...nto a pool of blazing oil. It won't be easy for them to follow you if they start having their tires melted. There is also a chance that the flaming pool will light up the unlucky car driving through it.
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  • There is a Ventrilo server set up for Darkwind. If you want to chat (voice) while playing you will need the ...d everyone will be. Anything higher than about 40 and people's voices will start to sound distorted
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  • ...arn (or know) how to use a 3D modelling package before we start. I picked up enough blender to be useful in a few evenings of following tutorials, so it ...ion of the world gives you a much better chance. I'd avoid one-offs, made up cars or kit cars. Modern cars are lower priority than 60s and 70s style, a
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  • ## '''Whirlwind''' – blows up a brief cloud of dust which operates like a smokescreen; works better on du The mousewheel now pans the showmodels preview up/down, rather than zooming. You can still zoom by dragging the right mouse-b
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  • ...NPC Vehicles]]) and see what weapons they will be using against you at the start of a fight. ...guns are loaded and ''bring more ammo than you think you'll need''. Then start asking around for a scout.
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  • ...their camp and moving further south, I'd rather just deal with setting it up and getting it going once. ...r the weekend, its great to PM your partner and ask him if he can run some up there for ya, rather than you running a travel while the in-laws sit patien
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  • ...lready know he's a Driver, without having to refer to any notes or looking up his specialty. ...ter it's name.(I.E. Combat (SS) 12mins). Clicking the event will bring it up and give you options. We're going to work on the presumption that if you're
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  • These events are where the new player will usually start. The excitement of being able to fire the guns is a strong lure that sadly ...s there can gain you prize money and fame while letting your members level up on some needed skills.
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  • ...are normal right after the start of any race here. You may even be forced up one of the canyon walls by other racers! Crossing the `figure-8` section '''just after the start of the race''' is not too much of a problem as most of the racers are bottl
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  • ...he front right of the circle. If you wanted to be more careful you could start in the center but then you'd probably want to try something other than what ...hill but when you have to start at the bottom you're at a disadvantage to start with. In my replay the AI had to climb the hill a little to get to me and
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