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Rarity Quite Common
Cost Moderate
Toughness Strong
Weight 1450
Total Capacity 200
Engine Capacity 50 (2L)
Exposed Engine Capacity 60 (3.2L)
Max Armor 84
Max Armor Per Side 21
Seats 4
Weapon Mounts FRx2, REx2, LE, RI
Based On Chrysler Concorde (2nd Generation)


A great beginner`s car and arena fighter which is fairly tough with a large amount of available space for guns and crew.

Its major drawback is its small engine bay which is only able to carry a 2.0L engine unexposed. This limits its performance considerably, although if it is not too heavily laden it takes off fairly quickly from a standstill, and handles reasonably well at low speeds. However, most cars will be able to outrun it over a short distance.

The 2L engine makes it noticeably sluggish when accelerating and if you ever do manage to get up to a decent speed it can be a quite unmaneuverable vehicle.

If you are scouting with other faster vehicles it may well be worth adding a few extra points of armour to the rear, as if things get ugly and you have to run then you are likely to be the one that is shot at first!

Although some people do run them with 2.5L exposed engines, it is generally inadvisable...if you must have more grunt and are determined to run a roomy sedan then your best bet is to save your pennies and buy a 2L Rotary engine.

However most players would suggest that you spend the money on a car with a larger engine bay...

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