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Engine enclosed/exposed: 90/108

Armor Points per side/total: 21/84

Weapon Mounts: FRx2, REx2, LE, RI

Armor Toughness: Strong

Occupants: 4 persons

Capacity: 175

Weight: 1500

A futuristic looking muscle car, with good space and speed. Those brave enough to fit heavy machine guns on it will have to manage the recoil bounce. May have been used in Hazard County in the 1980s.

Very rarely seen in the wilderness in Evan, those lucky enough to find one, much less for sale on the market, you`ll find that this car can be worth it, as it`s perfect for racing, if you have a good engine, driver, and racing tires, that is, this car can win you many races, but it can also win you the death of your driver/co-driver if you aren`t careful