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Stress measures how scared your characters are, if they reach a certain amount of stress (usually around 120(?) FIXME) they will "freak out" and want to surrender, if all characters in a vehicle want to surrender the vehicle will auto-surrender (or auto-resign if it's a town event).

The courage statistic of your characters determines how well they handle stress.

Not sure on the exact mechanics of courage but it should affect the amount of stress they get and the speed at which temporary stress fades.

In addition to courage the [leadership]] skill of the event-leader shold also increase stress-resistance by a good amount - usually taking out the enemy leader helps a fair bit and makes the remaining cars surrender more easily.

Stress Factors

NOTE: This info is probably dated and most the values have likely been tweaked a little bit, but it should give a good idea of the proportions of how much certain things affect stress[1]

  • Character is leader (-15 or –25 depending on whether he is also the overall gang leader)
  • no decent medic available (+3)
  • excellent medic available (-3)
    • Note that in a town event excellent medics are always on hand. In the wilderness you have to bring your own.
  • Car does not contain event leader (+3)
  • Each co-passenger who wants to surrender (+10)
  • Each team member wound (+1)
  • Each co-passenger wound (+1)
  • Each team member death (+4)
  • Each co-passenger death (+8 if 2 characters are in vehicle, +5 if 3 characters are in vehicle, etc.)
    • It seems to be something like: 16 / NumberOfCharactersInCar, thus:
Chars Stress
2 8
3 5
4 4
5 3
6 2

  • Character himself gets wounded (+4)
  • An opponent is wounded (-1)
  • An opponent dies (-4)
  • Car armour breached (for each side breached): (+10)
    • This has probably changed heavily, see below
  • team/player is out numbered in terms of firepower (+varies) (for this calculation the new fear factor of weapons is included)
    • The effect of this seems to increase with the amount of cars involved in a scout even if the odds aren't getting much worse. From my observations in very large 20-car wilderness events it looks like this effect can give your characters a maximum of 60 stress
  • Car is on fire (+25)
  • Car being targeted/under fire (+2 to +6 per weapon, depends on fear factors)
    • Just being targeted doesn't give any stress, being shot at gives a slight amount of stress that fades very quickly.
  • Car takes damage (varies, anything from +0.1 to +20.0 depending on severity of damage)

Additional info

  • from Sam's posts that might prove useful
  1. The leadership effect has been increased a lot.
  2. Rather than just penalising you for breaches in the armour, there's now a more complex armour-related calculation which can actually reduce stress in many cases (see below)
  3. Internal damage causes stress more than damage that doesn't get thru the armour (damage that doesn't get thru the armour is also a transient stress, whereas internal damage is a permanent stress)

Armour-related stress calcs (all based on your own car's armour):

  • Having more than 2 sides with destroyed or nearly-destroyed armour is very bad
  • Having several very strong sides (>20 armour) with no destroyed sides is very good
  • Having 2 or more sides with low but not destroyed armour (<=5 pts) is mildly bad

  • Well, I didn't really go into the detail there, but the components of stress are separated into permanent and transient ones. The test is done once per move but only when stress increased during that move.
  • You now get a reduction in stress based on how far you are from the nearest enemy. You must be at least 50m away for this to take effect[2]

Weapon Stress Levels

Extremely scary

  • Heavy Flamethrower
  • Tank Gun

Very scary

  • Flamethrower
  • Radar Guided Missile
  • Anti Tank Gun
  • Heavy Machine Gun
  • Car Cannon
  • Heavy Rocket


  • Machine Gun
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Heavy Laser
  • Medium Rocket
  • Tripod Machine Gun


  • Micromissile Launcher
  • Car Rifle
  • Laser
  • Mine Dropper
  • Spike Dropper
  • Flaming Oil Jet
  • Heavy Flaming Oil Jet
  • Car Grenade Launcher
  • Light Rocket
  • Mini Rocket
  • Grenade
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Light Anti Tank Weapon
  • Mounted Ram
  • Mounted Spikes

Not really so scary at all

  • Submachine Gun
  • Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Pistol