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Rarity Ultra Rare
Cost Ultra Expensive
Toughness Strong
Weight 1600
Total Capacity 235
Engine Capacity 135 (7L)
Exposed Engine Capacity 162 (8L)
Max Armor 92
Max Armor Per Side 23
Seats 2
Weapon Mounts FRx2, REx2, LE, RI
Based On Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione


This car is beautiful. It looks like it moves fast.... even when standing still.

The looks are NOT deceiving. If you thought your other cars were fast, they were NOTHING compared to this road burner.

Its acceleration and flat out speed are eye-watering.

You can EASILY redline this car...... If the tracks we have had long enough straights...

No sooner have you stomped the pedal to the floor, you have to back out of it again to slow for the next curve This car is TRUELY a racers dream come true.

Engine performance, speed and acceleration is not much of an issue when you can have 8L pushing 2500 lbs to your will on the track.

That being said, throttle control will be your main concern when piloting this tire-melter.

Steering this RAD RACER takes some getting used to. VERY small movements on the wheel will get you into a drift faster than you can get off the throttle.... CONCENTRATE on throttle first, THEN steering and you should be able to get this beauty around the track `relatively` safely.

This car is the racer`s dream; it handles like a Voyager and has the speed of a Cougar or DeVille. This makes it the best racing vehicle around.

This car should not be forgotten outside the racing circuit. With a 5LV12, this is an incredible travel car. Throw a laser on the back with a laser speced gunner and tear apart any NPC gang soloing anywhere in Evan.

But if you plan on tearing up the roads of Evan, be warned this car handles very poorly off-road.