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There is a Ventrilo server set up for Darkwind. If you want to chat (voice) while playing you will need the Ventrilo client. It can be downloaded from the Ventrilo Download page.

Setup information is below.

Darkwind Vent Info

Port 8686
Password darkwind
Max Users 25

Channels & Usage

Currently there are individual channels for each major location (town or truckstop). Each Location Channel has 10 sub-channels for use during individual events, i.e. the Somerset channel has SS Scout 01 through SS Scout 10.

If you want to use Ventrilo while in an event, it is suggested that you pick a channel that isn't being used by other players, and get the other event participants to join that channel. When your event is over leave the event channel and return to the Location Channel or the Lobby channel (top-level).


The 'Compressor' feature in ventrilo allows you to normalize everyone's voice level. This means that the earbreakers (such myself) will not drown out those people that are more quiet and you will never need to touch that pesky individual 'volume' adjustment ever again Happy

One caveat before using it: it WILL increase the amount of CPU usage of Ventrilo as Ventrilo will have to adjust everyone's volume together. This should not be an issue for most people but if your computer struggles with LOTRO at lower settings this might not be for you. (Hat tip: Guntred)

How to use it:

  1. Click Setup
  2. Click 'Enable Direct Sound" (if it is not already on)
  3. Click SFX (Found in the upper right-hand corner)
  4. Select 'Compressor' then click 'Add'
  5. Select 'Compressor' again click 'Properties'
  6. I use the following settings:


  • Gain = 30 This determines how loud everyone will be. Anything higher than about 40 and people's voices will start to sound distorted
  • Attack = 0.01 This is how much time delay there is before the compressor kicks in. Leave this at the lowest setting.
  • Release = 500 Supposedly it determines how fast the compressor stops changing things. I have noticed no difference.
  • Threshold = -50 The point where the compressor will start adjusting volume. 0 is only the loudest people will get adjusted and -60 is everyone.
  • Ratio = 100 Sound below the threshold will get compressed according to this ratio. If you want some variation set this very low. If you want none, set it here.
  • Predelay = 4.0 Time in milliseconds that the compressor will look ahead to see what needs to be processed.

Once you are done with the above, make sure that you remove any individual volume settings as individual settings override any global settings (such as the compressor)

Original Forum Thread

Windows Vista and 7

If Ventrillo is not set to run in Administrator mode, you need to make it the active window each time you want to talk - which of course largely defeated its use. When run as admin, you can use push to talk just fine while vent remains in the background.[1]

Redundant Server

In the event of problems with the main Ventrilo server, there is a backup:

Port 8686
Password darkwind
Max Users 25