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Chassis Moose Moose.jpg
Engine 2.5L
Combat Rating 134
Tyres Standard
Front Heavy Machine Gun
Front Car Rifle

This car is probably one of the most well known, as it's the exact same car that one can rent. The Antagonist is the "all-rounder" unit of a squad, able to chew through armour quickly with sustained Heavy Machine Gun fire, and snipe from behind its allies with the Car Rifle. While the 2.5L engine doesn't make it very fast, its high-damage, high-accuracy weapons mean you don't want to be flanked by it. Once you've flanked it however...

Reasonably common outside Somerset. Used less frequently down south, but makes an appearance every once in a while. If you're new to scouting, take it for a spin in your first scout: it's exceptionally stable and sticks fantastically to dunes.