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Rarity Very Rare
Cost Expensive
Toughness Strong
Weight 1250
Total Capacity 160
Engine Capacity 90 (4L)
Exposed Engine Capacity 108 (5L v12)
Max Armor 84
Max Armor Per Side 21
Seats 4
Weapon Mounts FRx2, REx2, LE, RI
Based On


This chassis is one of the only TRUE racing models available in Darkwind. It lives up to its name! This car is FAST! Its suspension is stiffer than other cars and is set up mainly for really smooth tracks with few if any bumps. On tracks with lots of bumps, you'll spend more time in the air than on the track, which causes problems when you want to turn and your car doesn't!

With an oversized (exposed) engine, you can be extremely competitive! Its chassis strength is higher than most race cars and it shows when you start rubbing and bumping other competitors racing with you. It can take some serious hits and keep your driver safe.

With a 4L engine and B Armor, the Bullet becomes a wilderness interceptor to rival the Vampire. It's tempting to add A armor to a Bullet interceptor to improve its speed, but doing so makes it almost TOO light, and the slightest bump will send it into the air. But once you get used to the Bullet's temperamental handling, it can become a lethal dogfighter with an experienced driver behind the wheel. A good build is a MMG and a Mini Rocket Pod for inflicting critical hits on breached cars.



Colt 5

Wilderness Designs

Radon Rancher


Death Racer