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Rarity Rare
Cost Very Expensive
Toughness Weak
Weight 4000
Total Capacity 900
Engine Capacity 135 (7L)
Exposed Engine Capacity 162 (8L)
Max Armor 140
Max Armor Per Side 35
Seats 30
Weapon Mounts FRx2, REx2, LEx2, RIx2
Based On


What can you say? Even with the largest engines, this thing will still accelerate, corner and brake like a barn. It`s still big enough to load up with enough weapons and armour to take on most small gangs by itself and throw a party inside at the same time. The ultimate mobile home for the wastelands of Evan.

The Bus makes a great ballistics platform. With 8 weapon slots, a great turning radius, and decent speed when equipped a large engine. It also has enough cargo space to hold more ammunition than you will probably ever use.

Perfect for moving gangs from one town to another. But try not to go through the scattered hills because its steering is as good as a golden retriever that can`t retrieve things.

The bus has weak armour, which makes it better suited for long-range weaponry.

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