Carrier Van

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Carrier Van.jpg
Rarity Very Common
Cost Somewhat Expensive
Toughness Weak
Weight 2300
Total Capacity 420
Engine Capacity 70 (3.2L V8)
Exposed Engine Capacity 84 (4L)
Max Armor 104
Max Armor Per Side 26
Seats 8
Weapon Mounts Frx2, Rex2, Lex2, Rix2
Based On Ford Transit Mark 4


Salvaged from the remains of ice cream trucks that brought hope and joy to children before the Solar Apocalypse, these vehicles have turned into the armored personnel carriers and primary transports of Evan.

With a standard 3.2L or upgrade to the V8, this van can run pretty fast.

The speed given with these engines will allow you to run from `most` of the threats you will face traveling between towns, while carrying some lucrative missions. You can also mount some HEAVY weaponry in this chassis.

This vehicle has the weakest armour in the game - it is designed to run trade only. As a combat vehicle, the Carrier Van will receive injuries from most other chassis types.

Wilderness Designs

Death Race Designs

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