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Chassis Windsor II
Engine 3.2L
Fuel Tank 2 Units
Tyres Offroad
Cargo Space 28 Units
Weight 4422
Combat Rating 179
Armor Grade B
Front 25
Rear 21
Left 21
Right 21
Top 6
Bottom 6
Front Car Cannon

Crew: 1 Driver, 1 Gunner Ammunition Load: 2 Magazines of Car Cannon ammo

An unusual design, the Demon packs a lot of firepower into a small, maneuverable package. It shines best as fire support for a line of SUVs. By keeping a constant forward speed of about 20-30mph, the Demon can maintain maneuverability while pounding enemies into smithereens. Best manned by a gunner with Rapid Reloading and Heavy Weapons specializations.

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