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Established: 2026

The first centre of population established after the Solar Apocalypse, Elmsfield produces water from the lakes, and also controls a number of livestock farms. Other resources such as fuel and weapons are very expensive here, since they are brought from the factories and oil fields in the east and south, via the dangerous central 'Badlands' region. Elmsfield is a relatively safe town, well policed by the vigilante groups.

There are no well traveled roads between Gateway Truck Stop and Elmsfield. Actually, the road between Gateway Truck Stop and Elmsfield is not much better than an animal trail. As a result, vehicles capable of carrying more than 300 bulk (anything larger than an Apache) are unable to travel this route. Vehicles larger than this must travel by way of Somerset.

Pirate encounters while scouting are very similar to those in Somerset. The vehicles the pirates use and the terrain surrounding Elmsfield are both pretty much unchanged. Some say the average skill of the pirate gangers is a bit higher.

Places of Interest

Elmsfield Hospital

The Hospital in Elmsfield is much better than the one in Somerset. Players have reported wounded characters being returned to full activity in half the time it would take in Somerset.

Example: A character in a coma will have his improvement date reduced by approximately 4 days for every 1 day spent in the Hospital.

If you can make the trip it is highly recommended, especially for injuries that are going to take a longer time to heal.

Elmsfield's Hospital is also the only place to check... substance... abusers into Rehab. Results are slow, it isn't cheap ($300/week), and it takes the place of weekly training, so think hard when deciding whether or not to admit a gang member.

OK, here's the facts, using Alcohol as our example (it's the most addictive of the lot, equal with Zerk):

1) On average, an alcohol user will get worse by 0.333 "addiction points" every week.
2) On average, an alcohol user in rehab will get better by 3.333 "addiction points" every week.
3) On average, an alcohol user, in the hospital (but not in rehab) will also get better by 0.333 "addiction points" each week.

Addiction information from a thread on the forums on how substance abuse and rehab work.[1]

NPC Mechanic Shop

Arizona's Auto Parts in Elmsfield typically has (unless sold out) the following available:

Everything sold in Somerset, plus:


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