Fire Engine

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Fire Engine

Fire Engine.jpg

Engine enclosed/exposed: 200/240

Weapon Mounts: FRx2, REx2, LEx2, RIx2

Armor Points per side/total: 50/100

Armor Toughness: Super Strong

Occupants: 10 persons

Capacity: 1000 bulk

Weight: 4500

Used in pre-apocalypse times as an emergency response vehicle in case of fires, post apocalypse this salvaged chassis is now more than likely to be the cause of fires.

With a 9.4L engine and B armor, this vehicle will out accelerate and outrun much smaller and lighter cars. While the armor is hideously expensive to purchase, its natural resilience offers a level of protection few vehicles can match.

The generous space within the chassis offers the installation of sufficient weapons to cover all facings. This vehicle is an ideal combat platform for mounting a tank gun and reinforced ram.

Despite all its positive attributes, the extreme rarity and the cost to use one means that this behemoth is rarely seen in action.