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I joined Dark-Wind on February 11th, 2007.

As of this posting, February 16th 2011, I'm still here playing the game. I'm still posting in the forums and being a Marshal/moderator and ambassador of the game and generally being a troll!

About six months after I joined I asked Sam to join me on a VOIP (Voice over internet) program we both had one day just so I could hear the voice of the person who made the game I had been searching for DECADES! Sam asked me one year later to record some voice-overs. You hear the results.

I grew up with Car-Wars... I had an 6' high X 15' wall in my house papered with a hex map of two towns I could play that board game with!

I am 49... I am an old truck driver. I have 1.37 million miles under my belt and the road has always called to me.

The only thing I really wanted, missed and didn't have while driving a 40,000+ lb. Manned, guided 48 foot long wheeled road missile, was the heavy weaponry to move the "idiots" in front of me out of the way.

I can't tell you how many times a driver in a "Beer-Can" 4 wheeler car decided to pass me and get back in my lane only to brake from 65 MPH to 30 MPH in a hurry..... 40,000 lbs does not stop in a hurry!

It does not matter how big your SUV is... Unless you are driving a vehicle that can force me off the road, You are still a "beer can" if I hit you or roll over you in my rig!

I LOVE this game..