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While much of Darkwind's gameplay is focused on wilderness combat (scouting), and in-town events (races, deathraces, and arena combats), it is possible to improve your gang's skills, fame, reputation, and bottom line by running missions.

Missions are available in the taverns of each town (Dexter's in Somerset), and can be browsed by selecting the **Check the Noticeboard** link in the tavern navigation menu.

Non-subscribers can only travel between Somerset, Elmsfield and Gateway; so they can not complete missions south of Gateway. Accepting missions south of Gateway before you subscribe will only hurt your reputation when you fail to complete them.

You may have a maximum of 15 active missions at any one time.

Mission Success

Each mission will have a delivery date associated with it. This is the day and time you must have the mission cargo, or taxi passengers, or whatever, at the destination.

It is important to note that your arrival time at the destination must be on or before the delivery date. If you process the last event of your travel before the scheduled arrival time, you will arrive at your destination at that scheduled arrival time.

However, if you process the last event after the scheduled arrival time, you will arrive at your destination at the time (server, of course) you processed the last event. If this time is **after** the delivery date, you will fail the mission.

Mission Failure

If you fail too many standard missions, i.e. not the role-playing missions, you will be prevented from taking any new missions until your Failure Rate has gone down.

Currently you are allowed to fail

  • A max of 8 missions in a month, or
  • No more than 1/3 of your attempted missions if you have failed more than 3, but less than 9

Mission Types

There are four basic types of missions:

  • Taxi -- take passengers in your vehicles to their destination
  • Courier -- take packages in your vehicles to their destination
  • Escort -- Escort NPC vehicles with your vehicles to their destination
  • Assassination -- kill the leader of a named NPC gang

There is also a special category of scripted "Roleplaying Missions" that come with an additional back story and span multiple stages and can have a totally different criterias for completion.


The Taxi mission is one of the easier mission types as the clients will occupy a seat in your vehicle, and be under your control during any encounters, so you can assign them to weapons and order them to fire, or take over driving, or whatever.


Another easy mission type, although a bit more difficult than the Taxi because many times the bulk requirements are beyond a standard vehicle, and will require a dedicated cargo vehicle like a Two-Axle Lorry, Box Van, or Carrier Van.

There are three types of Courier missions:

  • Mail - these are generally large (> 100 bulk) missions and will require a dedicated cargo vehicle
  • Private Documents - these are usually smaller (< 100 bulk) missions
  • Drugs - these are also smaller (< 100 bulk) missions

Courier missions can now be found by selecting the Advertise for Courier Mission option in a town's tavern. After setting a few options for desired bulk and destinations, you are presented with available missions meeting the criteria. Optionally, the day laborers hanging around the tavern will load the mission package in the vehicle of your choice.

Some courier packages will generate increased attention from pirates, due to their high value for example, so be prepared for additional encounters while carrying out the mission.

If your gang is in need of some fast cash, you can sell courier packages on the market instead of delivering them. Be aware that doing so fails the mission, and can cause a large reputation hit. If your reputation gets low enough, you have to wait to advertise for courier missions again.

Courier Packages
Type Pounds Per Bulk
Mail 2
Narcotics 4
Medicines 4
Spices 4
Sugar  ?
Documents 2
Salted Meat  ?


Far and away the most difficult mission type, these should be accepted very cautiously. These missions involve traveling to the destination while you control your vehicles, and the NPCs control their vehicles. In other words, you will have no control over the NPC vehicles' speed, direction, tactics, etc. should you have an encounter while traveling. This makes getting all the NPC vehicles to the destination a very tricky affair.

Usually, the mission payoff is based on the number of vehicles that arrive safely, so you may get paid even if you lose an NPC vehicle (or two), but the reduced payoff could mean you take a loss for the mission.

In order to launch an escort mission you must use the older, less easy way of launching a travel. It is fully explained on the Travel page.


On the surface, a very simple case of finding the gang in question, and killing the leader. Sometimes, not so simple, however, as the leader will not be in every event the target gang participates in, so locating the leader could be tricky. Failing an assassination mission decreases your gang's fame but not its reputation, and you will have a bounty put on your head as well. Successful completion of the mission reduces your gang's reputation and, may increase its fame depending on how chatty your client is.

NOTE: You must be the squad owner in the combat where the target is killed for the mission's completion to trigger.

Roleplaying Missions

Only one person will be allowed to start a certain roleplaying mission per every few days.

There are 3 original roleplaying missions:

Racing For The Mob - Available from Dexters Tavern in Somerset.

Angel of Mercy - Available from the Somerset Hospital.

Arizona's Antique - Available from Arizona's Autoparts in Elmsfield.

Player created missions have been added, so there are several more available. Here are some:

Heart in the Right Place - Available from the Somerset Hospital.

Fresh Cadavers - Available from the Somerset Hospital.

Baby Steps - Available from Jake's in Somerset.

Where`d My Rifles Go?! - Available from the Training Center in Somerset.

A favour for Rez. - Available From Devil Dan's in Sarsfield.

A Bad Hangover - Available from Dexter's Tavern in Somerset.

Fertilizer Follies - Available from Dexter's Tavern in Somerset.

Snake in the Shadows - Available from The Tombstone Tavern in Texan.

Magical Mystery Tour - Available from The Tombstone Tavern in Texan.

Infiltration - Available from Mezcal's Tavern in Gateway.

Wedding Daze - Available from Dexter's Tavern in Somerset

Gateway Meltdown Available from The Weapons Bunker in Gateway.

Unearthing Arcana - Available from ??

Double Crossed - Available from ??

Victory Lap - Available from ??

The Struggle - Available from Jake's in Somerset

Medivac - Available from the Elmsfield Hospital

Many of these, as part of the reward for completion offer a skill increase to characters. This is not entirely within the players control of who gets the increase. The increase in the reward stat goes to the character that already has the highest level in your gang, in the town the quest is completed in. For example, a mission that ends in Somerset and has a scouting skill reward will give your highest level scout *in Somerset* the extra training. It might not be the ganger you actually used to run the mission. This reward can push the skill cap (only for that skill) beyond the characters original cap. In this example, my scout in Somerset got a 10 point bonus to raise his scout skill to 109, even though he had capped at 98/99. Once he hit 98 with gunnery though, he was capped there, and will get to 99 and stop.