My Scouting Squad

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My Scouting Squad

This is a way to set up a scout that can be convenient for people. The 'My Scouting Squad' button is on the left side of the client, above the list of 'Users in Lobby'. If someone has setup their squad, right click on their name in the 'Users in Lobby' section and click 'Scouting Squad'. This will take you to the correct squad webpage to add your vehicles. Another feature of it is that after you join the squad, you can click 'Ready' or 'Not Ready' (in the client) while you are still getting your team ready (on the webpage).

How to Setup a Squad

Instructions on how to setup a squad for others to join:[1]

  1. I click the 'My Scouting Squad' button, then pick the squad I'm going to use.
  2. I'm then shown (in that area) the list of people who have vehicles in the squad. Names initially show in light blue (not ready). Blank lines represent people with vehicles in the squad, but not in the Lobby. They may be in another event.
  3. I double-check my vehicle on the website, then click the 'I am ready' button. Ready players are shown in white.
  4. In the Lobby I ask if anybody wants to scout. Because nobody else uses My Scouting Squad, I tell interested players the name (and password if they need it). What they should be able to do is click my name and select 'My Scouting Squad', but because nobody uses it, I've never used it as member of another squad so can't guide people in how to use it.
  5. I spam the Refresh Members button waiting for all the player names to show up. They always show up immediately as Ready (white), so I do a check in the lobby with 'all show ready'.
  6. I go back to the website, and launch the scout, after reasonable confirmation that everybody is really ready.
  7. Back in the client I announce we are 'out' or 'rolling'.