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Why do we even have a time listed? Its going to different for every MR.. ( Isn't it?)

  • I think currently, if you are over the minimum MR for an item, the 'surplus' is translated into a reduced manufacture time. Originally, i.e. when the table was created, however, the times were static, and the 'surplus' was not used. Given the current state of things, the column could either be removed, or a note could be added indicating that times are variable based on MR, and that the time shown is for production at the minimum MR.
  • It would be unpleasant to delete the column, and then have to rediscover all the times if they became needed again. --Wikiadmin 02:10, 28 April 2010 (UTC)
  • Everyone changing the time, this is just a note to keep the time listed in the wiki as the longest time an item takes to manufacture, that is, the time at minimum MR.