Town Attack PvP

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Town Attack PvP

Also known as Militia vs. Pirates events in the Events Diary and 'Upcoming Events' tab. Pirates have decided to attack a town, and the Militia comes out to defend! As a player, you can choose to be on either side. Town Attack Combats are Consensual-PvP events. To join in, you click either squad from the Events Diary (and only the Events Diary!) and join it - no password needed.

Take Control of NPCs

You can join and take over an NPC car. This means you don't risk any of your own characters or vehicles, and can PvP for 'free'! you also won't get to loot anything from the event if you win.

Bring Your Own Car

You can add your own vehicle (only 1) to the squad. You will use your own characters in this vehicle. If you added your own vehicle you will be allowed to loot if you win.


There are various bonuses from these events:

  1. Accelerated field training for your characters
  2. Potential gain of Local Hero status if you fight and win on the defending Militia side
  3. Potential gain of rare hardware if you fight and win on the attacking Pirate side
  4. Large reputation gain/loss as appropriate.