Trash Truck

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Trash Truck.jpg
Rarity Rare
Cost Ultra Expensive
Toughness Super Strong
Weight 7500
Total Capacity 1500
Engine Capacity 160 (8L)
Exposed Engine Capacity 192 (9.4L)
Max Armor 200
Max Armor Per Side 50
Seats 6
Weapon Mounts FRx2, REx2, Lex2, RIx2
Based On


Massive, tough, and lots of bulk for weapons, this thing is a man`s dream combat car... a poor man`s Firetruck... Except for the fact that this behemoth accelerates, turns, and stops like a turtle. You could call this a mix between a Bus, a Fire Engine, and a Lorry, using this thing for either shipping bulk from place to place, keeping the goods inside the thick coat of armor, or combat. A great 1500 space leaves room for up to 6 tank guns, along with a driver and 5-6 gunners.

Just beware. This vehicle simply cannot maneuver dunes, or hills steeper than 45 degrees.

Although the armor strength is in the "Super Strong" range, it isn't as strong as on the Fire Engine or Buzzer

The Trash Truck fills the "Heavy Support" role in combat excellently. As tempting as it is to arm it with Car Cannons or Tank Guns and rush in, its armor is simply too weak to survive against more than 2 NPC cars. However, sitting on a hill providing CC fire as other chassis with stronger armor engage the enemy is where the Trash Truck will shine. Its massive bulk means it can carry reloads for everyone and have space left to bring home loot.

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