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Chassis Windsor II
Engine 3.2L V8
Fuel Tank 2 Units
Tyres Offroad
Cargo Space 48? Units
Weight 4374
Combat Rating 149
Armor Grade B
Front 25
Rear 20
Left 20
Right 20
Top 8
Bottom 7
Front Gatling Gun
Front Heavy Machine Gun

The Witch is a combat-proven dogfighter that has all the benefits of the Windsor II platform. Under the right conditions, a Witch can turn on a dime and take a light beating, then deal a major beating out with its nasty fangs. Like any dogfighter, the Witch has to keep moving to be effective, but it can work as part of a firing line as well.

It's in supporting a SUV firing line that the Witch shows its true potential, disrupting a bandit charge and using terrain to flank the enemy. In this case, a good tactic is to keep your speed up, hit one enemy from the flank until it's out of the firing arc, and move onto the next target. This weakens several enemies at once, making them easier for a firing line to kill. An example of this strategy in action: Event #S171299

Best used with a driver and a gunner for each weapon. Doesn't leave a lot of room for reloads, but a single HMG reload should be enough for most group scouts. A fairly decent choice for inexperienced crews to gain some much-needed Gunnery and LGuns points.

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