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Armor Types

Vehicular armor takes 3 forms; A, B and C.

The ONLY difference in the types of armor is the weight and the cost of each unit added or deleted to your car.

  • A armor costs four times as much as B, but weighs half as much
  • B armor is the standard armor
  • C armor costs half as much as B, but weighs twice as much

It is possible to change between the three types of armor on a chassis by dropping the armor on all sides to zero, then selecting a new armor rating.

Chassis Strength

The chassis you mount it on also affects how effective your armor is. You will notice that some chassis are "weak".... (See the Table of chassis listing to see the strength of various chassis).

B armor will not be as effective on the weak car as it will be on a strong chassis car. Therefore, your choice of a combat car should include the variations of weight gain vs speed vs weapon loadout with a mix to include the best of all three variables to give you the best chance of survival.